My Personal Mission Statement:

As a, "Health and Wellness Nurse," be a positive influence on world health!

Spreading the word of obtaining and maintaining
a healthy body, mind and spirit, through lifestyle adjustments that you can live with.


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Marcia founded Temple Under Construction Ministries in 2002

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Pazaz is the Hebrew word for dance used in 2Sam.6:16 meaning twirling and leaping before the Lord. 2Sam 6:14 describes King David dancing before the Lord with all his might wearing a linen ephod. Pazaz instructors wear an updated version including the "Breast Plate" of the high priest.

Pazaz Praise Dance Fitness teaches an easy to follow "Praise Language," that can be adopted to any song. These moves are great for all fitness levels. We also use weighted praise streamers and flags for toning.

Pazaz Praise Dance Fitness Combines: • scripture • prayer • dancing to praise, worship and inspirational music • “T.H.E. P.O.W.E.R. O.F. G.O.D.” Biblical Principles of Healthy Living • confidential success tracking to achieve a healthier fitness level- Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our goal is to aid believers in their journey toward being a healthier member of the body of Christ.

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Marcia wrote her first book,
Be Healthy! A Christian
Alternative to Weight Loss Diets
in 2005.

Her latest accomplishment is
The Three Little Kids Meet Wally Wolf:
Healthy Choices or Consequences
showing children ages 3 to 11
and their parents some
of the consequences of poor
eating habits and physical inactivity.
This is the first in the
"Healthy Choices or Consequences" Series.

Marcia started Allerbeste Books,
publishing company, in June of 2009,
"To be a positive influence on world health."

Allerbeste means "the very best" in German,
in honor of her Great Grand Father.

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