"...discussion-provoking picture book..." Teacher, Adele Jones

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It's all about making "Healthy Choices."

The Three Little Kids Meet Wally Wolf is theFIRST
 in the "Healthy Choices or Consequences
Series" written for children ages 3 to 10. 
This series teaches children some of
the consequences of poor choices as it
 relates to their health. 

This first book is meant to help thwart
the childhood obesity epidemic in America.
This epidemic is costing our health care
billions of dollars per year and
escalates as the obese child becomes an
obese adult.

This picture book opens the conversation
between parent and child around poor eating habits
and physical inactivity.  It also encourages parents
to make healthier choices for their children.
It includes a food chart and a list of
websites for more information on the subject. 

  "Marcia has done an amazing job conveying a very important message to our children.  The Three Little Kids graphically depicts the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle at a young age, and thus, reaping the benefits of good health later in life.  The book is chock full of endless discussion opportunities on diet, lifestyle choices and health care, in general, for children of all ages.  This is definitely a must read for anyone needing a visual reminder of the importance of taking care of their bodies."
Niambi Jaha-Echols, Founder, Camp Butterfly, Author, Project Butterfly

"...one of the most creative educational tools I have experienced in a long time.  The book gets to the heart of the problem and helps kids understand the effects of good food choices.  Three Little Kids will be added to the patient education material in our hospital."
Terry Wheat, RN, MPH, Director of Patient Care Services

"I think this discussion-provoking picture book is ideal for introducing healthy living.  Children often do not realize the effects of their eating choices on their lives as adults.  This book can certainly be used as a tool to manifest these realities.  Children will enjoy the relatable characters, colorful illustrations, and surprising ending."
Adele Jones, 5th Grade Teacher, Chicago, IL

"Clearly obesity is on an all time high, and in some cases it starts in early childhood- with this book children and parents may prevent some of the diseases associated with obesity by instructing the children on healthy eating habits.  This book is a two-fold purpose, healthy eating leads to healthy adults and it displays a wonderful sense of humor that children can enjoy."
Linda Beale, Chicago, IL

"...a great tool that can be used in helping educate the young kids as well as families developing better eating habits, by making good choices, and how their choices impact their overall health and well being."
Greathel Bowdery, RD

"The kids love it!"
Maria, PCT

"...an exceptional job demonstrating the important message that what you put in your body impacts what clothes you wear, how much energy you have and your ultimate health through old age.  This is a fun and engaging book that allows parents and their children to explore great conversations around food, exercise and health.  Well Done!
Marna Goldstein Thall, Author, Naturally Thin Secrets

"The phenomenal book, Three Little Kids, is an exceptional tool for encouraging children to live a healthy lifestyle."
Mary McFarland McPherson, Ph.D., CEO of SEAM Plus LLC Training Center

"This is a wonderful book for all ages."
Karla McPherson, K-6 Lead Teacher

  Felicia Stoler



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