Faith Community/ Parish Nurse
  Although Marcia has been a "Faith Community/Parish Nurse" for years, she called herself a "Christian Wellness Nurse".  She was ecstatic to find out that there was actually a title for her calling! Now she is a member of the Deaconess Parish Nurse Association.

The Faith Community/Parish Nurse facilitates the healing mission of the faith community/church by:

•Educating the community about the relationship between lifestyle, attitude, faith and well-being.
•Counseling individuals about health issues, prevention of, and coping with chronic conditions.
•Referring members to appropriate community health services and agencies.
•Facilitating programs and ministries within the church to promote health, healing and congregation wellness.
•Collaborating with community agencies to promote well-being in the community.

60 Second Paper

What is the most important thing you have learned about the PARISH NURSE practice?

P ractical
A rtistic
R esearch based
I ntentional
S elfless
H olistic

N ot always tangible
U nconventional at times
R estoring the body and soul
S pirit building
I nnovative
N ursing at its finest
G ratifying

Submitted by: Pam D'Andre, Parish Nurse; Kiev, Ukraine
From the
Parish Nurse website.



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